About the Race

The Temptation 200 is a grassroots ultramarathon in one of the most unique natural areas in central Illinois.   This race is made to test you physically, mentally, maybe even spiritually.  Are you strong enough to endure?

Based on feedback, we added a 50K only option! Upgrading can be done online if you change your mind and want to shoot for 100K, 150K, or 200K. On race day you can upgrade for the cash difference but you may have to receive your buckle by mail if we run out.

All 100K, 150K and 200K runners register for 200K and see what you can do on race day. Are you strong enough to grind onward when the going gets tough? or do you take the early exit?

The race will find your weaknesses and exploit them. At the height of your suffering the race directors will offer you choices…temptations…do you take an official finish on the shorter distance (50K, 100K, 150K) and their beautiful awards? Or can you give just a few more loops to earn the very exclusive 200KM buckle? It is tempting….do you end your journey for the reward now, or continue to endure the challenge to earn the most coveted award of the race?

Racing Distances

All of the “Long Ultra” runners start as 200K participants, toeing the line together. They all have the chance to continue or drop at any time. Some may drop out at 50K unable or unwilling to go further, while others will continue for more. But if you find yourself thinking…”maybe I could do a little more and get that buckle”, the race directors will let you and play the role of devil on your shoulder, whispering in your ear “it’s only 2 more loops…..how hard can it be?” If you set out for the full 200K but find yourself feeling weak and worn down, thinking that a 100k buckle is “good enough”…so too will the race tempt you.

All Long Ultra runners can choose to run any distance on race day. Are you tough enough to make your goal? or maybe you’re tougher than you give yourself credit for?

50K only the “short ultra”. You’re maybe new to Ultras or know you don’t have the time to commit to the long ultras. you must complete the 2 loops to get the challenge coin. You can upgrade on race day….but will you be strong enough to do that? How will you define your race?

Awards and Results

Participants who complete 50K (2 loops of the course) and decline to go further will receive a custom challenge coin/medallion. A token to remind them of the distance they achieved and what more can still lie ahead. Their time will be recorded as an official 50K finish.

Participants who push a mere 2 loops beyond that will receive the first buckle of the race. A beautiful antique brass finished buckle emblazoned with the distance they overcame – 100Km – it’s a stunning buckle and it may be tempting to stop here…you’ve already accomplished so much..and you’ll be given full credit for a 100K finish…..

But can you give just two laps more? Do you really hurt that bad? 150km rewards the runner with a glorious buckle in a breath-taking nickle finish. It proudly displays your distance of 150Km. You’ll get full credit for a 150k finish…Can this motivate you this far? So close ….but only 2 more laps and you’d have the 200….. 2 is a small number! why quit now?

For those who dig the deepest come the ultimate rewards of the race. The beautiful highly detailed two tone 200km buckle. A work of art. The apex of accomplishment for the weekend. Exclusively for the runners who overcame the temptations of the lower distances or who did more than they ever believed to be possible.

But be warned:  those who forgo a finish at a certain distance in an attempt to reach beyond and fail (passing 100K for example and failing to reach 150K) will be counted as a DNF.   To loosely quote TS Eliot: Only those who risk going too far, can find out how far they can truly go.  There is no reward without risk.

The male and female who win the “Furthest and the Fastest” will receive an additional award for their efforts….there will also be an award for the last place runner who survived cutoffs and exhaustion to finish in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds yo become the “Furthest and Slowest”. These are guaranteed to be high end pieces that you will display proudly in your home. To the victors go the spoils.

How tough are you? Dig deep….