Meet the RD’s

Your Race Directors

Dexter is one of the two founding RDs and has finished at least 10 100 mile or longer races in his running career. He doesn’t keep track of his DNFs but there is a good story behind all of them. In addition to Temptation 200, he directs Cactus Classic, also held at Sand Ridge State Forest, and is half of Mayhem Race Management, LLC, ┬átiming numerous ultras in west central Illinois. He started running ultras in the late 00s and can sleep anywhere.

Magdalena took over from Greg in 2022. With double digit 100+ mile finishes starting in 2015, and experience as an RD since 2018, plus some high profile aid station volunteer gigs, she enthusiastically agreed to be an aid station captain for the first Temptation 200 to avoid having to run it. Having been around for the first 3 years of the event, when she heard Greg was ready to step down she stepped up. She is working on running an ultra in every state.

woman and 2 men in matching sweatshirts
Magdalena, Dexter, and Greg (previous RD), all modeling different years’ race sweatshirts.

Some race history: Greg and Dexter started Temptation 200 in 2019, having worked together since 2014 to bring you absurd trail running events from 5K up to ultra distances. They wanted to put on races for runners for the pure love of running. This one may make you question that love.

Greg “Never tells a lie” DeKeyser

Dexter “Nobody’s died yet” Litwiller