Meet the RD’s

Your RD’s

We (Greg and Dexter) have worked together since 2014 to bring you absurd trail running events from 5K up to ultra distances.   Our RD experience goes back over a decade each.   With our powers combined, we are Mayhem Race Management, LLC!  Don’t let the fancy-shmancy LLC fool you.  We are not a highly commercialize race organizing outfit.   We are runners.  We both have a smattering of 100mile finishes and DNFs.  We put on races for runners for the pure love of running.  We give good swag and good awards because the runner’s experience is the most important thing!   We put a lot of work into these races and people keep coming back so we must not be screwing them up completely!

Greg “Never tells a lie” DeKeyser

Dexter “Nobody’s died yet” Litwiller