Additional Race Details

Drop Bags:

We are still finalizing the drop bag plans but there will be at least one drop bag beyond the S/F area.   Being a roughly 15 mile loop means that you wont be very far from your gear at any point in the race.

Start time and Cut Offs

The course is hard but the race directors are magnanimous. The race will begin at 4am Saturday. You weren’t really sleeping that well anyway. The runners will be given until 8PM Sunday evening to finish providing 40 hours for the full 200km .

“Flexible Cutoffs”
There will be additional cutoffs for the 50K (9hrs – 1pm), 100k (20hrs – 12AM), and 150k (33hrs – 1PM).  HOWEVER These cutoffs DO NOT APPLY to slow runners who are trying to “just get it done”.   We have them in place to prevent a runner from doing something like running 50k, sleeping 8hrs, then running another 50k and then calling it a “100K finish”….That isn’t a 100K finish,  thats two 50Ks!!   So to paraphrase our cutoff policy.   Just keep moving and you won’t get cut.   Small naps are fine to keep your head in the game.  Hours of napping take away from the intent of ultra running!   You can do this!

Pacers and Dogs

Human pacers may join their runners after the 50K mark.  We ask that human pacers wear a pacer-bib on the front of their shirts/shorts so they can be easily identified as pacers and the timing crew don’t try to chase them down to record their lap times.

Canine pacers are welcome from the start but we ask that runners with dogs start at the back and keep their canine pacer on a short leash until the crowd is much thinner.   We’ve had no issues with this at prior races so we ask that everyone who wishes to bring their dog along please be respectful and recognize that not all runners enjoy dogs.  Please keep a respectable distance and respect people’s personal bubbles.  Runners should plan to provide water bowls and food to their dogs on their own as the aid stations will not be setup for canine aid beyond water and some human food 🙂


Since the trails are so wide, we decided to run each loop in an alternating direction.   We call this “washing machine style” racing.   We’ll have signs up directing you which way to go ….it won’t be too tricky, we promise.  We decided to do this because otherwise ultras can get pretty lonely!   This way you’ll see your friends regardless of whether they are ahead of or behind you!  Do not feel obligated to say “good job” to everyone you pass…that is purely optional!